Our Appetite,

Why do we need it anyway?

My theme for this email is our appetite and why it is important.

I want you to understand that listening to your hunger or appetite is part of the getting energy for our body and our overall healing process.

I didn't view my appetite as a friend but an enemy. Something that I needed to work on suppressing, or ignoring.

You see the thing is when I did feel hungry I didn't give my body the right food, so I would feel hungry an hour or so later.

What a love heat relationship I had with food. Not any more.

You see our hunger switch or appetite is our body's way of telling us we not only need food but natural whole foods.

When we don't give our body the basic elements it needs for our different systems then our body will turn on our hunger switch again and again to get the nutrients it needs to live.

The problem with this is when we give our body empty calories it will store these as fat. We all know what that means weight gain.

The other day I received an email about how to suppress my appetite and lose weight. Here again someone trying to tell us just take this and our weight will no longer be a problem.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Feeding our body what it needs will naturally make it lose weight.

I see that in my own case.

With each passing day I become inflammation free, stronger, have more energy.

The by product of a body that works well is......weight loss.

Here is your Body Wealth Tip.

Eat more raw whole foods, grains, beans.

Our body needs the energy from this type of food to be able to lower inflammation and pain.

Another tip is don't eat after 7:30 pm.

When we sleep this is when we heal and repair, and many other things happen at that time.

When we eat late our body will take energy from our late supper to heal our body instead of our stored fat. We want it to use the stored fat, right!

All for now.

Take Care of your Best Friend, You!

Your Friend and Coach Jolaine