Body Wealth equals Health.

The other day I learned about Body Contouring.

Body contouring is just one of the ways they say, that you can lose weight and look good.

Is it necessary for weight loss?

They say just have this procedure and everything will be alright. What's body contouring have to do with losing weight, and being healthy?

I know everyone wants to look good and looking good equals good health right?


We all know that you can look good on the outside, but feel lousy on the inside. Losing weight the body contouring way, only to look good can cause our internal organs a great deal of stress.

Let me explain.

I was waiting in the dental office for my hubby Roger, so I thought I would read this article about body contouring. It talked about how you could get this treatment that breaks down fat. It uses high frequency ultrasound to destroy fat cells.

What this treatment does is it heats up our fat cells or cooks our fat so the liver works to get rid of it.

The liver is the organ responsible for the break down of our stored fat.

The thing is if it worked in the first place we would not have stored fat.

What's the solution to a healthy body weight?

Take care of the liver, and you will have energy, a strong healthy body, and less body fat.

Here is your Body Wealth Tip

Eat fruits and veggies that are red. Like raw beets, beet tops, strawberries etc.

If you want to start to change you Body Wealth picture, having a strong liver is one place to start.

I will be sending you my 7 stages of disease. Why? Because each person is in one stage or another. Knowing which one you are in will help you see just what your health picture looks like, so you can change your health.

Knowledge is power and that is my gift to you.

Take Care of your Best Friend, You!

Your Friend and Coach Jolaine