Energy Production

I like to say that the flow of life moves with the flow of electrons.

Everything in life is about the flow of protons, neutrons and electrons, which combine to form molecules from simple to complex in the body.

Ok, Why are they important?

These molecules give us energy. More energy more strength, less pain and inflammation.

Our liver is responsible for much of the process and production of energy.

This is why this email. Feed your liver, and then clean the liver for out of it comes our life.

How do we get these electrons in our body?

Whole raw foods.

You see everything in nature is electrical. When we eat these types of food, they will decrease pain and inflammation, and heal the liver.

There is more to healing the liver in up coming emails, but raw food is where I get all of my clients to start.

I personally eat a diet about 70% raw and some cooked foods. When I do eat cooked foods, I steam them, or I use a slow cooker. What a change doing just these few things has made in my life.

Make sure to take care of your liver and it will take care of you.

Here is your Body Wealth Tip below.

Go to my Gallbladder page on my website where you can see a short video of what I did for my liver and gallbladder.

All for now.

Take Care of your Best Friend, You!

Your Friend and Coach Jolaine