Inflammation, Is it good or bad?

Let's start at the beginning.

Inflammation is normal and a good thing.

Let me explain:

It is normal if you get the flu or cold, break a bone, are in a accident, get a bacterial infection, have a fungal infection or a parasites problem. There are other things that will trigger off inflammation but you get the picture.

When these things happen to us our immune system will trigger of an inflammation response. This is called a fever.

Yes a fever is a life saving inflammation response to keep us alive. This fever helps the immune system know that it needs to make more immune cells to kill the enemy within.

In the case of an injury the inflammation response helps to heal and repair what is hurt or broken. When the repair is done the inflammation response is turned off.

The bad type of inflammation is when it does not shut itself off.

This is when our body gets into a loop of destruction of its own tissue.

Like in the case of auto-immune diseases.

Many people ask me how can I turn off this type of inflammation?

Body Weight Tip

Start by the foods that you eat.

There are some that are very bad like white sugar. The body looks at white sugar as a simple sugar. Milk also because of the chemical process they use. Try to eat foods that are chemical free as much as possible.

Did you know that the average adult consumes 5 pounds of food additives each year!

As you can see there are reasons that our body will trigger an inflammation response. This is our bodies way of trying to get us to change the environment of our internal system, because it does not have what it needs to turn off inflammation.

Doing even small things, like reading labels for chemicals, simple sugar, and those that are high in the bad fats, will help keep our liver from getting clogged up.

All for now.

Make sure to take Care of Your Best Friend, You!

Your Friend and Coach Jolaine