Our Appetite and weigth loss

Does having a healthy appetite have anything to do with inflammation, pain, and weight loss?

Yes it does. Here's the thing.

When we feel hunger, we want to eat right?

That's a very good thing to know.

You see for some of us like myself my hunger was always on, but for others their appetite very seldom is triggered. This is why I say, knowing when you're hungry is a good thing.

It's our body telling us we need all those protons, neutrons, electrons and other vital substances from our food to be healthy.

The next thing that's very important is our decision to eat the foods that give us those electrons.

You see our body wealth picture depends on getting as many electrons into us as possible.

When I started to get more and more of those electrons, then my appetite started to come on, only when my body was hungry for food. Instead of it always coming on.

Getting more electrons into you will help you to have a healthy body that is pain free or one with pain, inflammation and weigth gain.

My goal here is too help you, do just one thing that will help improve your Body Wealth picture.

Here is your Body Wealth Tip

This is my fresh green drink, that I drink every day, between my meals.

This will help lower pain and inflammation. One of the other great things about this drink is you will feel satisfied and your appetite will not be turning on every hour because you feel hunger.

Put in blender.

One half orange. One half apple. 1 cup Kale or any green veggie 1 cup Beet tops. One quarter cup parsley. Fill the blender with water. Blend until smooth.

If it gets thick add more water. This helps you to drink it down.

If you want to double and make more for another day you can. This will last in the fridge for a couple of days.

All for now.

Make Sure to take Care of Your Best Friend, You!

Your Friend and Coach, Jolaine