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I received an email the other day about losing weigth. He was starting his weight loss journey and wanted everyone to join him on his weight loss quest.

I think that's a great idea that people buddy up and encourage one another.

Why would I want to tell you about what this man wrote me?

Well one of the things he said stuck in my mind, that I want to share with you.

He said "if you eat less food, make better food choices, exercise moderately you can lose weight and be in better shape".

Sounds great, right?

I can agree with most of that statement, but the "if you eat less part"

Let me explain.

It's not about eating less food. Its about eating foods that feed our body the right nutrients and when it gets enough of these, it will naturally turn off our appetite. Without adding extra calories that will make us gain weight.

The part of his statement that I really agree with is the better food choices.

You see I grew up being a meat and potato, sweets, then junk food, type of girl. This type of eating will imbalance the sugar burning organs and turn on the inflammation response.

No wonder I wanted food, my body was telling me it was still starving. It has it's own nutritional requirements, if they are not met it continues to turn on our appetite. The thing is that if we eat empty foods we add weight to our body not energy, and inflammation response stays on leading to more health problems.

When I learned through live blood analysis and bio-terrain auditing what happens to short circuit our internal systems, that is when I had a choice to make.

Was I going to make better food choices or not.

You see our body was made to process food, and we get energy from that food.

If we have gained weight, then there is something that has gone wrong with our processing plant, or fat and carbohydrate burning organs.

Bottom line:----poor food, turns on inflammation, slows down the digestion process.

Hope this helps clear some of the fog about weight loss. I know it has for me.

Here is your Body Wealth Tip

Fruits, Veggies, of all kinds help our energy processing organs.

All for now.

My 7 stages of disease emails are going soon. These will help you see what stage you are in.

Make sure to take Care of your Best Friend, You!

Your Friend and Coach Jolaine