Body Wealth,

Trust your Body it knows what it's doing.

Have you ever wondered what on earth is going on inside you. The inner working of your body systems.

I went through life thinking that I would always be healthy.

Well I know that over the years I've tried to figure things out, as far as my symptoms of disease is concerned.

The one thing I knew for sure was that our body knew how to take care of us. I must admit I didn't always take care of it, like I should have.

I've paid for that one with weight gain and a variety of health problems.

The reason for this email is to help you see that you can change the way you look and feel. I changed some very basic things then my health changed and my weight loss is now at 80 lbs.

I know that life is very stressful.

My fond wish is for everyone to be able to live a long healthy inflammation and pain free life.

Where health starts is,--- give your body what it needs to function and then it will turn back your internal health clock.

Giving you what I call Body Wealth.

There is no greater priority, because I've learned without a strong healthy body I didn't have the strength to give to others, on any of the other levels of life, like spiritual, mental, and emotional.

Here is Your Body Wealth Tip for now.

Below are ways our body speaks or talks to us.

If you feel hungry, --- feed your body.

If you feel thirst, --- give it water.

If you need sleepy, --- make sure you sleep.

If you need exercise, --- go for that walk, look at nature, be with it, feel it around you.

All for now.

Make sure to take care of your best Friend, You!

Your Friend and Coach Jolaine