About Inflammation!

Wow! Have I ever learned a great deal about inflammation. The last several years this silent killer has had a very strong voice in my life.

Therefore I wanted this website to be a place for everyone to come and find answers. Answers to all the important questions about inflammation, and how this killer can slowly creep up on us. Before we know it we are sick and don't know how we got to be in the place we are in.

A place of sickness!My site is going to be about how this silent killer is affecting millions of people the world over, and what we can do to stop it dead in its tracks. It can be lurking in our body just waiting to trigger off a major health crisis. Have you ever thought, that you don't feel as healthy as you once were. You feel tired, sore, and achy all over your body.

Do these feeling get worse and worse as the days go by?

All of these are symptoms of inflammation.

This silent killer can change the direction that we want our life to go in. Big time! That's when I started to ask the questions about inflammation like these.

What is it?

Why does our body make inflammation in the first place?

Is it a natural thing for our body to make it or not?

Is it friend or foe?

What can I personally do about this silent Killer?

Is there any way I can reverse the affects of inflammation that has gone crazy?

I want to tell you what I have personally done to improve my health concerns. Watch my short Welcome Message and then Sign up for My Newsletter: The Painful Truth. It will be all about getting rid of Chronic Pain and bringing balance back into your life.

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Hi my name is Jolaine.

I've been on a mission for some time to solve a puzzle or mystery that I felt at one time would never be solved. Have you ever felt that way?

Getting the answers about inflammation and the health problems it has caused my clients, my friends and family has been the driving force behind my persistence. To be free from pain and the pain my family has been through, has kept me searching for answers.

All of us at one time have gone through different health concerns. Some of the major health concerns from heart attack, weight gain, to colon cancer all can be triggered by the immune system and inflammation.

Three major health issues of the century!

Some of the things I've learned throughout my life and research is:

# 1. Your life can be spent going from one Doctor appointment to another.
# 2. If you want to improve your health always strengthen your immune system. This will keep your body healthy. Remember that keeping inflammation under control is a must. This can weaken the immune system.

That's when my journey began.

I become interested in how our body works. What made it tick. That is when I become an Iridologist, and Reflexologist. I have also learned Live Blood Analysis and Bio-Terrain Auditing. These can tell you much about what is going on inside the body. Bio-Terrain Auditing allows me to test urine and saliva. Having these test done can show you which of your body systems are causing you to have the health problems that concern you. Come along and see not only what I found out about inflammation, but what I've been doing to improve and reverse some of its effects.

* First: The thing I decided to do was help others know that they could feel a sense of control over their own body. Getting answers to questions can help us take responsibility for our own body and its well being. Not to leave that up to anyone else.

* Second: There is a great deal of questions to be asked and how do you unravel the thousands of pages written about inflammation. My desire is to help you cut through all the paper work and get the answers you seek. Along the way saving you some time I hope.

* Third: In order to find a solution to the immune system break down troubles, I started to read everything I could get my hands on about the way our wonderful body works. Once I understood how things were meant to work the pieces of the puzzle about inflammation started to come together, slow but sure.

I found out what the circulatory system did.

What our immune system does.

Why it is important to build a very, very strong immune system. The next thing I took on was what our digestive system is and the way it functions. What the different enzymes our body produce are for and why we need them for a healthy body.

Another piece of the puzzle was, I was eating foods that contributed to my body making more and more inflammation once I knew that, I was open to making some changes to help my body even the odds. Then I saw how important it is to detox our body.

After all that information, I then came to know just how deadly out of control inflammation can be to every part of our body. I call it the silent Killer. Before you know it we are sick and wonder how on earth did I end up in this place. Ah! When I discovered this piece of the puzzle everything can together for me. I knew my life was going to change Big time and it has. I want all of us to be in a place of wellness not sickness. Life is short to be in any other place but wellness.

I want to dedicate this website to being and staying in a place of wellness for all of US.