Cancer and Inflammation


Cancer and inflammation, one is linked to the other.

There are many different types of cancer. Researchers are discovering that the start of some cancers may be gene related. On the other side of the coin we must take at look at how our body works.

There are 7 stages of disease. Inflammation is not the start of the disease process, which can lead to cancer. It does play a big part in the process that leads up to the different stages of disease. This is why getting inflammation under control is very important to our health. Limu Plus can help to do just that.

Limu Plus is rich in the polysaccharide fucoidan. It has been called the "miracle sea plant" and has been the subject of more than 600 scientific studies. It has glyconutrients,, glycoprotiens, essential fatty acids, amino acids and adaptogenic plants. These help us to have better mental energy, less toxicity, enhanced sleep, antioxidants, helps with digestion, liver function, [which is always stressed when a person has cancer] improves blood function and enhances cell and skin growth, and much more.

What does the scientific world know about this disease that we either don't know or we can learn from?

Shall we take a look into that world. More and more researchers are recognizing that there is a link between the two and many different kinds of diseases.

Here I want to site just one information source for our enlightenment.

WTN News published an article about the "Medical College of Wisconsin it ties breast cancer to inflammation". Ashwani Khanna associate professor of medicine presented his finds at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Orlando.

He said: "However, research shows that when the condition becomes chronic, it can lead to a great many diseases, including cancer".

The connection between the two of these are getting stronger and clearer as the months go by. Therefore, if we have cancer or a pre-condition of some kind, controlling digestion and flow is imperative. See my Body Talk e-guide. 

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