Weight loss.

Weight loss, leptin and inflammation.

Is there a link between the three of these things?

A great deal of us have been there, done that as far as our weight and the yo yo syndrome is concerned. Right!

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Weight loss is a subject that affects the lives of millions of people the world over. This subject affects the young and old, rich and poor the world over.

It can affect the way we look at and treat ourselves an others. The mental and emotional side of this issue is another topic for a whole new website. Much can be said on that topic alone.

Below is a list of three important things you need to know about inflammation. They not only can tell us much about weight gain and weight loss but what the state of our over all health and well being is.

They are:

Leptin Resistance

Insulin Resistance

C-reactive protein

Our health and well being are at steak! Yes I think our very lives. Being obese can, and does cause other health issues like diabetes and heart disease just to name two.

Vita Mark Shakes have a special formfz56701238zf of whey protein which is comprised of every essential amino acid.

This is very important because we need all of the essential amino acid so our body can convert our stored fat to muscle. More muscle means we will burn more stored fat. This equals weight loss.

Losing and then gain, gain, gain, has been a way of life for many that have tried different ways to loose weight.

Do you crave sweets, starch, chocolate and other thing like that?

You have been on many diets, only to gain and feel like a failure.

I'm here to tell you that feeling can go away! I wake up ever morning knowing the feeling of success. Yes success. I know that each day is not about beating myself up because I didn't have the right amount of self discipline or will power.

The American Heart Association estimates the average adult get just 15 grams of fiber each day which is far short of the 28 to 35 grams we need to be healthly. Vita Marks cookies are a very healthly way to get more fiber into our diet. They have No cholesterol or trans fat in them.

I know that my immune system needed help and I gave it help, but always thought that something was just not right with my system.

Then I came to know about inflammation and the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

I use to ask myself why did I have these terrible cravings for anything with sugar or starch in it.

The reason I learned was I had a chemical imbalance called leptin resistance.

By the way I'm not saying that there is no emotional side of eating, because I know emotions play a part in the weight loss issue. Emotions play a big part in every aspect of life as well.

When I read that there is a link between the three it made a whole lot of sense to me. I began to see that there could be something not quite right with how my body was working. Reading about this helped me see that getting my inflammation under control would is a first step to weight loss.

I started by putting my husband on this way of eating! More greens like salad and a green drink every day. This helped with not only inflammation but our pH level. The cookies added more fiber the shakes more muscle and therefore weight loss.

Roger lost six pounds the first week. But then he continued to lose two or three pounds a week over the next four months. He has lost over fifty pounds and is now at his goal weight. He feels and looks great!

I started my weight loss after that and have lost fifty five pounds. Now I'm at 80 pounds and still losing.

I really didn't know that food could taste this great. It's like my taste buds have come alive.

Not only do I taste my food but I know when I'm getting hungry and when it's time to stop eating. Most of the time I leave food on my plate.

I feel for the first time my body is working and when it speaks to me I can listen to it, and give it the great tasting food I deserve.

Now I know there is a link between weight loss, leptin resistance pH and inflammation.

Once we take care of the inflammation in our body then our leptin is balanced. Our whole body becomes more and more in tune with itself. This way of eating can give any of us a chance to see not only our body change but our whole life.

You will see your health improve in a positive way.

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