C-Reactive Protein.

What is C-reactive protein?

There has been a great deal of buzz about this and the affect that it can have on our health. This is some of the questions I asked and answers I received.

First of all what is it?

It is a blood test that measures the amount of a protein in our blood that signals that we have acute inflammation.

Second: Why would our Doctor want to take or order this test?

This protein is produced by the liver. Whenever there is inflammation in the body these protein levels rise. This tells your Doctor that there is a immune system response to some foreign invader of some kind.

He then will prescribe something to bring your inflammation levels down.

Third: What is a normal reading for this blood test?

You are at low or no risk of inflammation at 1.0 mg/liter

Moderate risk at 1.o to 3.0 mg/liter

High risk at 3.0 mg/liter

These protein levels can be used to monitor the progress of any treatments you health care provider may recommend aimed at clearing up the flames of chronic inflammation.

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