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Celiac disease - an autoimmune condition

I have suffered from an autoimmune disease near enough all my life.  I was diagnosed with celiac disease before I was a year old, and have had to follow

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About Inflammation friend or foe?

About inflammation is our bodies natural protective system, which reacts to infection, injury etc. Learn what happens when it goes wild, and what to do about it.

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Asthma lung inflammation

Hi i was recently diagnosed with asthma. All was going good till a few days ago. I have been experiencing pain in my upper chest when i breathe in. It

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Bilateral Pulmonary Inflammatory Lesion

Dear Sir With earnest regards I lay a report for your kind perusal And do oblige me with its fervent answer if possible in no time... REPORT CT Scan

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Pain Magnet

For 3 wks have been waken wee hours of morning. With sever pain in the right side of chest in the mid torso radiating to back. Only cure is to sit up.

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Contribute to About Inflammation

Would you like to share your knowledge about about inflammation? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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CHRONIC CONSTIPATION Hi Yes hemorrhoids are iflammation. They are caused by the liver and bowels not working right. The liver produces bile which is


lung inflimmation

I recently went to the doctor. I am having a dull pain in the area of my lungs. They took an x rays and said I have inflimmation in my right lung. I have

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[Lung Problems-help]

I have had this problem since i was twelve. I go to the doctors and they just tell me to take tylenol but i think i should get it checked out. My heart

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My husband has been detected with interstitial inflammation in the right lung which has spread to the left lung. He has been advised CT chest scan to