My husband has been detected with interstitial inflammation in the right lung which has spread to the left lung.
He has been advised CT chest scan to detect and diagnose the problem. He has been coughing for three months which is accompanied with phlegm. It is worse at night after supper.
Now, I notice his diet is getting affected and he is breathless at times.

Please advise

Hi It's good that he is coughing the phlegm is up. That helps to bring up some of the infection.
Infection of any kind comes for not having enough of what the immune system needs to fight infection.

Our immune system needs good bacteria to function well. Consider taking Vita Marks Probiotic for a few couple months. Alot of it to kill the bad bacteria where ever it is in the body.

The inflammaiton goes deeper into the tissue because the body's pH becomes imbalanced.

Do some green drinks every day.
Put kale, parsley, celery, apple and organes in a blender and alot of water and drink that down a couple of times per day. You can make alot of this and put in the fridge for the next day.
Go and get fengureek and thyme to help break down more mucous.

Limu Plus is also an anti-inflammatory consider this for awhile.

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