Inflammation and heart health are intertwined!

Inflammation and heart health. Lets take a look at how we can slow or stop heart inflammation.


The heart becomes affected when there is a slow down of blood flow in our body.

When there is a great deal of cellular garbage or waste in the blood as seen by our urine, this will affect our heart.

Inflammation is a way for our body to protect itself from further harm. In order to shut down the inflammation response, work on getting rid of the cellular waste that can burden the heart.

What is this cellular waste made up of?

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It is made up of undigested proteins. These undigested proteins if not excreted from the blood through the kidneys, these will eventually cause an inflammation response to happen.

This protein will also make our blood sticky, which over works our heart. This will make the blood pressure increase.

Super ViGest has been formulated to provide the enzymes we need to digest lipids, [fats] protein, and carbohydrates.

Eating a diet of mostly cooked food, makes complete digestion almost impossible to take place. [enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process above 112 to 120 degress]. Taking enzymes will slow the inflammation response because of these undigestion proteins in the blood.

I also will take enzymes between my meals for not only complete digestion but healing of the arteries to take place. Enzymes will break down these sticky proteins which can cause inflammation of the arteries.

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We all need a healthy circulatory system which sends oxygen rich blood through all of the blood and tissue of the body. We now begin to see just how important circulatory system is to good health.

Our circulatory system and its health can benefit from Vita Che

This product is often referred to as having potent health-enhancing properties.

It can help the blood vessels and regulates blood vessel tone and flexablilty.

This reduces stress on the heart. Improves circulation, blood flow and helps lower blood pressure.

There is also a decrease in c-reactive proteins, which is the way doctors can tell, just how much inflammation is going on in the heart.

The more oxygen rich blood that flows in the body, the health of the all of the organs and tissue will increase. Keeping our heart healthy.

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