Inflammation of Heart lining.

Why be concerned about inflammation of heart lining?

For people with heart conditions one of the main things they need to worry about would be an inflammation of the heart lining otherwise know as pericarditis.

This is when the pericardium, which is the protective lining that is found around the heart, becomes inflamed. This protective lining has not just one layer but two. One of the layers is towards the heart itself, and then there is another layer. In between these layers you will find a small amount of fluid.

When the pericardium becomes inflamed then there is more fluid build up, and swelling occurs. This makes the pericardium rub up against the heart causing pain.

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What are the causes of Pericarditis?

There is a number of things that can cause Pericarditis such as: kidney failure, drugs, heart attack, autoimmune disorders, chest trauma and cancer.

Unfortunately there is a great deal of different types of infections that can cause pericarditis. Some of the infections may be: viral infections, tuberculosis, fungal infections as well as bacterial infections.

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You will also find that people with HIV/AIDS have a tendency to become infected with infections that can cause the lining around the heart to become inflamed. Some of the autoimmune disorders that have been shown to also cause an inflammation in the lining of the heart would be lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma.

A common symptom that a person with Pericarditis might display would be chest pain. This is said to be the most common one but a person can also experience a fever or even shortness of breath. The chest pain that one may feel may be very intense and can feel worse when the person moves or takes deep breaths.

It has been shown that Pericarditis (which is an infection that destroys the tissue in a persons mouth, and eventually the bone that support your teeth) generally occurs in at least 15% of those who have suffered heart attacks.

One of the things that I learned from a lecture my sister and I went to was keeping out teeth brushed and clean is important. Why? Dr. Templeman said, that is where harmful bacteria will multiply and go down into the heart, or lungs and cause inflammation. His advice to us was keep your teeth clean and healthy.

People that display Pericarditis or inflammation of heart lining can be subject to such complications as: constriction, chronic pericarditis and tamponade. Furthermore, these complications can lead to such problems as lung congestion, organ failure and a reduction in the cardiac pumping.

Inflammation of heart lining again is thought to be an inflammatory problem.

Remember to take care of any pericarditis and keep infection down and this will help our heart to function better.

Remember, get on a heart healthy diet. Eating all the anti inflammatory foods you can, and get plenty of rest.

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