Immune system.

The Immune system in my opinion is the most important, the most diverse system in the human body.

It has a vital role to play in our life.

It has so many different parts to it.

A strong Immune system is truly the gift of not just great health, but of long life.

The length of our life is not only in our genes, but has everything to do with how strong that system is.

With the out break of so many virus related health problems and other things that can and does affect our lives, like the environment, (smog, heavy metals) the chemicals we come in contact with, either through our skin or the lungs, all of these things make the job of our Immune system much, much harder to do.

Therefore it made a whole lot of sense to my husband an I, that we would want to do everything in our power to help build up and maintain a strong Immune system.

I look at it this way. Everything our car, gardens, lawn, and house need to be maintained, so does our ever, hard working immune function.

Give it what it needs and it gives us a whole lot more.

As time went by, I learned more about what made us tick.

At the start of my journey. I wanted to know how we could improve our health. I read articles about Vitamin E, and Vitamin C and later we came to know about Co enzyme Q10.

These were good to take because of the antioxidants in them. I didn't know what on earth an antioxidant was at the time. My learning curve just got a whole lot bigger! My curiosity came to the fore once again and I had to know!

Antioxidants are substances (found in food, vitamins, herbs, spices, etc.) that are capable of stopping the damage done by free radicals.

Free radicals, the BAD guys. They love to steal electrons from other molecules so they can continue to live, but they damage the cells they steal from.

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VitaMarks Co-Q10 helps our body turn the food we eat into energy.

As we age the level of Co-Q10 decreases. It also is a heart smart enzyme. Making it great for cardrovascular health.

Research pointed me in the direction of polysaccharides which are natural long chains of sugar molecules that are vital for cell to cell communication. Polysaccharides have powerful immune supporting properties. Studies show that polysaccharides and phytochemicals increase the number of Killer-T and Natural Killer lymphocytes of the Immune system.

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Polysaccharides and phytochemicals are found in VitMarks Limu Plus, has fucoidan in it which is a phytochemical

Which has been the subject of 600 studies. It is an anti-inflammatory. It supports the liver which has a great deal of immune lymph nodes in it. Limu will assit with joint care, improves digestion, improves blood function [or blood flow] improves stomach function and enhances cell and skin growth.

I've done the research of the many parts and functions of our Immune system.

Here is an Overview.

The Primary Organs are:

# 1- Bone Marrow.

# 2- Thymus Gland.

These two organs have a great deal to do with how well everything works and how strong we are.

The Secondary Organs are:

# 1- Adenoids

# 2- Tonsils

# 3- Spleen

# 4- The Lymph nodes- which are located in the neck, armpits, abdomen, and groin.

# 5- The Appendix.

My next question was: What do the primary organs of the immune system do?

Let us start with: The Thymus Gland. It is called by those that study it the master gland of the immune system.

The thymus is a pinkish gland that is located behind the breast bone. It is above the heart and below the thyroid gland in the neck.

Thymus is responsible for the maturing process of white blood cells, that are made in the bone marrow. These cells then travel to the thymus to mature into full grown immune cells.

Because it is the master gland of this system we want to keep it as healthy as possible.

Ask yourself: I'm I susceptible to any number of cold virus, and the latest flu bug?

Do I have hay fever, rheumatoid arthritis,(my girlfriend does she is only thirty nine) allergies etc., these conditions are usually found in people with impaired thymus function.

We did research into what would help to make the thymus work better, I found out that I needed to give up the large amounts of sugar I was craving (which I have done, and don't crave because of the fat resistance diet).

I also increased my intake of water, because all the different functions of the body need water to work well.

Antioxidants that are great for the thymus are found in some of our food. These are Blackberries, Cranberries, Blueberries, Beans, Walnuts ( I love to snack on baby carrots and walnuts together, walnuts help Us get the most out of the carrots).

Did your Mom ever tell your to eat your broccoli, well it's great for the thymus. Also tomatoes, spinach, red grapes, garlic, ginger and other spices.

The other primary organ is the Bone Marrow.

Bone Marrow produces red and white blood cells. That's great if we have blood loss in some way. Our body quickly can make more in our bone marrow.

The white blood cells that are made go on to become many different kinds of cells. So that each kind can fight a different enemy.

All of these reminds me of a huge army fighting on our behalf.

Listed next are the white blood cells. I did not list them in any order of importance.

Phagocytes are feeding cells of which there are two kinds. The neutrophil and macrophages.

Both of these are scavengers that consume inanimate trash, dead cells and other rubbish and large numbers of invaders.

Macrophages are larger, their tougher, and stronger than neutrophil. The macrophages also live longer and ingest many more microorganisms. They also manufacture different enzymes and anti-microbial agents. These wonders also function as communication links between other cells of the Immune system and our brain.

Plasma cells produce millions of antibodies.

Helper T-cells, are chiefs of operations, they identify enemies and stimulate the production of other warriors to come join in the fight.

Killer T-cells, destroy cells in which viruses and microbes have hidden themselves. They fire lethal proteins into these cells. Putting big holes in their membranes and causing the cells to rupture. So others can come in an gobble them up.

Lymphokines hormone like proteins, including interleukins and gamma interferon, by which other immune cells communicate with one another. They activate many vital reactions of the immune system, thereby boosting its response to disease germs.

Eosinophils and Basophils cells. Eosinophils their job or focus is on parasites in the skin and the lungs. Basophils their job is to carry histamine.

Lymphocytes, these cells take care of all the viral and bacterial infections that we come in contact with.

Monocytes, they are produced by the bone marrow from stem cell precursors called monoblasts. These usually circulate in our blood stream from one to three days. Then monocytes mature into different types of macrophages.

B-Cells, under the stimulus of helper T-cells, our B-Cells increase in numbers, and some divide and mature into plasma cells.

Suppressor T-Cells, when the infection is contained and all the army of the immune system has won, the suppressor T-cells go into action and use chemical signals to halt the entire range of immune responses. Wow! The battle within Us has been won!

But wait there is more. By this time our T-cells and our B-cells have produced and left behind memory cells of what ever battle was going on inside of Us. These memory cells circulate in our blood stream and the lymphatic system for many years, some for a lifetime.

If another invasion comes, by the same kind of virus, parasite or bacteria that we previously defeated, an overwhelming attack will be mounted by the memory cells, and you can guess what quickly happens, the invaders are crushed out of existence.

I'm really glad that we have all of these cells fighting on the front lines and also the millions that come up to help those on the front line, so no nasty bugs can get by.

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