Lung Inflammation wet or dry.

Lung inflammation can be known as Pleurisy, but why do they call it wet or dry inflammation?

Pleurisy is an inflammation of the lining of the lungs that occurs with pain. This happens when an infection or a damaging agent irritates the lung lining or the pleura. As a result, one experiences sharp chest pains as the main symptom.

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Pleurisy cases are either classified as being "wet" or "dry". The wet kind of lung inflammation is more common and refers to the accumulation of fluid within the spaces of the lining of the lungs. This excess fluid may arise from many different causes. If you have a virus, parasites, or bacteria, these will start the immune response which then leads to inflammation, that causes blood and lymph fluid to accumulate which makes breathing very difficult.

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Pain occurs with pleural effusion since the fluid which causes the lung inflammation forces the membrane surfaces apart. Therefore, "wet" pleurisy causes even more complications as it places more pressure on the lungs. This may lead to respiratory distress and one’s lung may even collapse.

Dry pleurisy is lung inflammation without the build-up of fluid. This can make the two layers of the pleura rub together and cause pain.

The pleura are composed of two layers. It is made up of an inner layer that surrounds the lungs and the outer layer which lines the chest cavity. These pleural membranes are quite thin and are very close together. A fluid coating sits in the narrow space between the two layers.

The pleura consist of two layers: one that covers the lung and the other that covers the inner wall of a person’s chest. These two layers stay lubricated by the pleural fluid. Pleurisy is often associated with pleural effusion. This is when extra fluid accumulates in the space that separates the two layers of pleura.

What happens when one develops pleurisy?

The following symptoms can occur: stabbing pain in one’s chest that is aggravated by breathing, tenderness in the chest area, cough, and one may also experience shortness of breath.

There can be many causes of pleurisy or lung inflammation.

These include the following: infections, collagen vascular diseases of which rheumatoid arthritis and lupus are two examples, cancers which may include metastatic lung cancer or even breast cancer, tumors that are found in the pleura, heart failure, lung embolism which is when a blood clot is found in a vessel that goes to the lungs.

The obstruction of lymph channels, and trauma such as rib fractures or there could have been an injury from instruments that were placed in the chest during an operation or from a car accident.

Other causes of pleurisy may result from certain drugs, abdominal processes such as cirrhosis of the liver or pancreatitis and lung infarction.

This is when lung tissue dies as a result of the lack of oxygen due to a poor blood supply.

Pleurisy can either go away of its own accord or it can worsen so that fluid has to be drained off from around the lungs. After a person has had pleurisy, scar tissue, called adhesions, may develop.

You may then have chronic pain or will experience shortness of breath. When one develops pleurisy they may experience a sharp chest pain that worsens when a person takes a deep breath or coughs. This type of lung inflammation is known as pleuritic pain.

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