Inflammation of lungs, Mum in Pain!

by Kim
(Manchester, UK)

My mum has been in pain for nearly 6 months now and finally she has her CT Scan Date for Friday but i am very anxious it could be something very serious.

The results of her chest x ray showed fluid on the lungs, shes has pain round her back, side and chest now its going further down to her waist there is also some feeling of numbness.

She has no cough but she is having night sweats. Her haemoglobin is low. What could this be does it sound serious. Shes is on steroids and pain killers but nothing eases the pain.


Hi Kim Glad to meet you. You know Kim serious or not the body is trying to cope with what is going on by causing inflammation in the lungs, but that inflammation causes pain.

The pain is reflexing and can go doen the arms to and from the spine. She needs some help to heal what is going on in the lungs. The sweats can come from the body trying to get rid of toxins or she msy be going into menopause. Consider using a this product called limu Plus because it is an anti-inflammation product. She may need to stay on it for awhile.

You say that your mom's haemoglobin is low. That means the liver needs help. Remember that everything that go on in the body is inter-connected.

Limu Plus will also help the liver but she need help to get the liver working better too. Consider this product it's called Vitamurin it help with the many functions the liver must do for us.

You also both need to educate yourselves about how everything works. Everyones Blood pH should be between 6.0 and 6.5. I think that your mom's pH is off balance so health problems will start and continue.

Also consider getting my book called the 2 deadly lies and the 7 faces (or stages) of disease. You can find that on my website.

Our body need help, so we must help it by taking some products for awhile.
Take Care.

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