Eyelid Inflammation.

Have you experienced eyelid inflammation?

Eyelid inflammation, otherwise known as Blepharitis, is a problem that is characterized by irritation and swelling of your eyelid. Usually, this is a result of allergies, infection, bacteria, or the use of makeup, and it is the eye disease that is the most common.

This is why it is good to wash eye makeup off before going to bed. The eye's just like the skin can absorb chemicals and cause the eyelid to become inflamed. There are green solutions out there for eye makeup. Chemical free!

Have you ever noticed upon waking, that your eye lashes stick together. Your eye may become itchy and swollen, and you may even start to lose some of your eyelashes as well. This is because the infection is affecting the root of your eye lash. We women know all about that, as we get older we have less and less and want to hang on to what we have right!

It may take a few months for this problem to clear up, but with the proper treatment, it will go away.

Here is where I want to mention that there is several different ailments that can cause us discomfort, like lacrimal inflammation, meibomian gland inflammation, and optic nerve inflammation. It is good to be aware that there is more than one problem that can occur with our eyes, and inflammation if not the cause can make the problem worse.

So, you may be wondering what kinds of symptoms to watch out for when it comes to eyelid inflammation.

Well, first of all, usually you will notice some burning and itching, and your eye may even feel sore as well. Usually your vision will be normal, but there could be some blurry vision along with it as well. Warmth, swelling, and redness may also occur if you have this problem. Often you will notice that your eyelids get matted together and flaking may occur too. If you start to have these symptoms, infection, allergies or bacteria could definitely be the problem.

If your vision changes or you have had these symptoms for some time, start to do something about it now, don't wait.

Most of the time, you can actually treat eyelid inflammation at home, without the help of a doctor. Using compresses that are warm on your eyes for a few times each day can help to clean them and also reduce the amount of discomfort you are feeling as well. Be sure that each time you make a compress that you use a clean wash cloth. You can also use a cotton swab to clean the lids of your eye with a very mild soap to keep it clean.

My Father use to have this problem. He would start out with a warm cloth and then make his second an then a third cloth hotter. This helped to take the inflammation and infection out of his eyelids.

Once you have had blepharitis, you will have to make sure that you take especially good care of your eyes so the eye inflammation does not occur again in the future.


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