Xango reduces inflammation.

Xango reduces inflammation and out of control chronic inflammation which affects millions of people the world over.

How does Xango reduce the fire within Us?

This is by phytonutrients (organic compounds found in plants) in the mangosteen fruit called xanthones.

Allow me to go on to explain.

Xanthones are a very active type of plant phenols. Which makes them pretty powerful allies.

The great thing about xanthones in the mangosteen fruit is that they just don't do one job and go to one place to fix something, they go about doing several things for our health and well being.

The xanthones chemical structure allows them to interact with other cells and bind to other xanthones. That is why they can multitask.

They can bind to water molecules, hormone receptors sites, and even help us with our digestion. They also act as very powerful ant-oxidants to combat free radical damage done to our body.

So far science has found over 200 xanthones in nature. Each of these have their own unique chemical properties that then permit each one to do a specific task in the body that, is why Xango reduces inflammation.

The many really great things I learned is, gamma-magostin is an anti-inflammatory, just like alpha-mangostin is an anti-oxidant, which means they prevent or slow down the oxidative damage done to our cells.

These help us to stop rusting from the inside out.

The anti-inflammation and digestive properties of the mangosteen fruit was what impressed me the most because I personally needed answers for the chronic inflammation and digestive problems that I had.

It is my opinion that we do not get enough of these plant substances in our diet.

These have a very beneficial effect our body.

Xango reduces inflammation and helps promote a healthy immune system, because xanthones march directly (like an army) against bacteria and viruses.

Studies show that there is a link between inflammation, and some of our major diseases.

Phytonutrients are associated also with the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

My very happy (because I found a solution to my annoying problem) experience with these very active xanthones goes like this:

I started to notice this burning in my throat. It would start after eating. Sometimes it would wake me at night. That is when I went to my Doctor and to make a long story short---- He told me I had a weak valve that separates the stomach from my throat. This weak valve opens and lets stomach acid back up into my throat. My Doctor put me on ant-acids which didn't work.

One day I had a visit from my sister Heather and over tea, I was telling her about my reflux problem. Heather said I should try a product called Xango. Never heard of it. She was getting results for her health concern, why don't I try it she said. I thought what do I have to loose.

Ok. I put my order in that day. It's been over two years now.

Wow! Can I ever tell you what I lost! The ever present burning in my throat. I got results not just in minutes but as soon as I drink it, within a few seconds.

I no longer have to sleep with several pillows under my head and shoulders, or stay up half the night with that burning.

So do I think Xango reduces inflammation?

I can tell you, that I never run out of it.

If you would like to know more about the healing properties of the xanthones found in the mangosteen fruit go to the national Library of medicine known as pubmed .This is where you will find 227 scientific studies and peer reviewed papers listed for xanthones and for mangosteen fruit.

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