Enzymes for Optimum Health

Enzymes are proteins that our body needs for every chemical reaction that takes place in our system.

What does all of that mean for us?

Absolutely nothing happens in our body without these substances. Every system needs these to do the job they were made to do. All systems or metabolic functions of every organ (spleen, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, bloodstream, skin, eyes, sex organs, immune system) depends on proteolytic substances.

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Avena digestive enzymes

They assist our body's regulatory and communication systems. Every cell in our body talks to one another. Without these they cannot communicate very well.

Just think of it this way.

Picture yourself one of many in a large company. What if you couldn't work together on a very important assignment that needed everyone in your department. Nothing would get done, therefore no pay off. This is much like our cells. Without these substances our body will not communicate well, so we just don't get paid by optimum health.

Needless to say our life, the quality and quantity depends on these life sustaining substances.

Remember enzymes not only break down our food but help to fight inflammation.

Avena's enzymes are formulated to provide specific enzymes that our body needs to digest a diet of lipids [fats], proteins and carbohydrates. Avena's enzymes digests and transports the nutrients from the food we eat to our cells to help us sustain our health.

Where do proteolytic enzymes come from?

We are born with a certain amount. Our body also can make these substances.

Do they last us a life time?

No they do not.

When do they start to become depleted?

Scientists tell us that by the time we are thirty our body slows down the way it portions out these substances. In order to keep us alive for many years to come it self regulates how much we get over our life time.

Why do we run so low?

Well you see our body continues to make these, but because we eat fast foods (which I call dead foods) they are very quickly depleted.

How does temperature affect the change in enzymes activity?

If we cook our foods above 112 degrees these natural chemicals in our foods are destroyed. Our body then has to work much harder to keep up with what we are using and then the supply it has gets used up and over burdens it. The organs that make them become enlarged from always having to work.

On the other hand when we eat fruits and vegetables which already have all of what they need in them to digest, this helps not to over burden our body.

There are many proteolytic substances that our body needs to function, listed below are a few of them.

* Papain

* Bromelain

* Amylase

* Pancreatin

* Lipase

* Serrapeptase

What is a Proteolytic Enzyme?

These substances digest protein. There is more than one kind that does this.

Another class of enzyme is Amylase that digest and break down carbohydrates. Lipase digests fats.

Studies show that people suffering injuries get better quicker. Have lower inflammation, reduced swelling, bruising and stiffness.

* Bromelain and papain.

These also are protein digesting. Bromelain comes from the flesh and stems of the pineapple. Papain comes from the papaya plant.

Studies have shown that both bromelain and papain are a natural anti-inflammatory.

Many with Arthritis have reduced pain and swelling. Others with Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune problems, weight gain and a whole list of other things have been helped by taking proteolytic substances.

Many people ask me what type of enzymes are the best to take?

It's like my teacher said there is not bad enzyme, but there are some better than others. I like to take plant enzymes.

From my course in Bio-terrain auditing, I know this to be true. You see if you take a product that is not the right matrix for it you are wasting your money.

Our body will say, no I can't use this and then get rid of what is not right for it. So spend your money on a good product.

The ones that you take, should be alive or electrical, which plant based are. Our body will use this type, and thank you with more energy.

So why use Avena's plant based product?

The next reason is very dear to my heart.

You see Roger (my hubby) almost died in January of 2009 and it is this plant based product that is helping to heal the damage that was done to his body. His liver enlarged because of mold spores which he breathed in through his nose. Every major organ also become inflamed and stopped working. Since taking enzymes every day Roger's health has gotten better as each day goes by.

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