Lacrimal Inflammation.

What is Lacrimal Inflammation?

Lacrimal inflammation is the swelling of the tear manufacturing gland more generally known as the tear duct. This is known in medical terms as Dacryoadenitis.

Acute inflammation of the tear duct is more common and mostly due to a bacterial or viral infection. Some of the more frequent causes are Mumps, Staphylococcus and others of the sort.

Chronic inflammation of this type is caused by inflammatory ailments that are noninfectious. This may include orbital pseudotumor,(a mass that looks like a tumor and that is inflamed) thyroid eye disease and sarcoidosis (sarcoidosis is formations of inflammatory cells.)

What are the symptoms of this type of problem?

There are a few signs to tell if a person may be experiencing inflammation of the tear duct. The symptoms include swelling of the external part of the superior eyelid, with potential tenderness and discoloration (redness), soreness in the region of inflammation, additional discharge or tearing, inflammation of lymph nodes right in front of the ear.

How is Lacrimal swelling diagnosed and what tests will need to be done?

If you think you may have inflammation of the tear duct see your doctor as soon as it is possible. There may be something seriously wrong which may cause this problem. This illness can be diagnosed by a thorough exam of the eyes and the eyelids. A CT scan or other special tests might be needed to decide on the cause for the inflammation. A biopsy may also be done to make sure there is no tumor present.

How is this problem treated?

Treatments are specific to the cause of the inflammation. If the cause is mumps or other viral or bacterial infection, simple rest and antibiotics may be required. If the cause is something more serious, the treatment will vary depending on the cause.

What is the prognosis of Lacrimal Inflammation?

If the cause of swelling and redness is a simple bacterial or viral infection, patients more often than not recover completely.

What are some possible complications?

There have been cases of tear duct inflammation where this was not the case at all, the actual case was a malignancy of the tear duct. Another possible complication can be that the swelling of the tear duct will put pressure on the eye and interfere with the vision. There are a few ways to prevent this health concern.

What are some ways to prevent Lacrimal Inflammation?

One way to prevent this problem is to be vaccinated in the case of mumps.

The other way to improve any health concern you may have is keep the overall inflammation that our body has to contend with down, by a healthy diet.

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