Sever Inflammation in lungs

by Azhar Abbas

I have been coughing flam past 3 months now, It sometimes get hard to breath and there are throat noises in the night. Did one course of antibiotics no result. Have runny nose a lot.

Whenever i do a little work i start wheezing and it gets hard to breath and have to take ventolin inhaler. Sometime when its gets too sever had to take a neubeliezer.

What should be done.

Hi Azhar
Your sever Inflammation in lungs has been coming on for sum time.
Your symptoms just did not appear. You are cleansing. Your body whats to get rid of all the garbage in your lungs.

Your lungs are trying to clear themselves of the stuff in them.

You need to bring back balance to your body.
The place to start is enzymes and flora

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Your Friend and Coach

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