Inflammation on the Lung

by Miss Christine Hull
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I had serve pains in the center of my chest i went to hospital i had 5 ecgs which was normal.
3 chest x-rays which was normal this went on for 2 weeks so i rang the health line and they asked me what the pain was like i said it feels like a lead weight in the middle of my chest, she said I'm sending a ambulance the paramedics came first and i told him about the x-rays and eecgs I'd had so he did another one and it was normal I said I'm not going to emergency again he said go to your doctors in morning and tell you want to see a specialist so he sent me to a chest specialist and a heart specialist.

I had the camera down my throat and they said i had hiatal hernia i cried to the doctor so he said ill send you for a CT and they found a lump on my lung so they did biopsy and they said it was inflammation then I went to see the heart specialist he said I don't think theirs anything wrong with your heart but I wll put you on the treadmill I was on it for ten minuies.

The doctor said the lines on the graph should be straight mine was all jagged I had to have angogram so I did my lv function was good with an ejecton fraction greater than 50%

Hi Christine

Check to see if you have a yeast or fungal infection. If that stuff gets into the blood stream, from there it can go anywhere and cause all kinds of problems.

Even if you don't have yeast or fungal you are not digesting and cleaning the body.

Get your bowels moving so the body can start to clean out the lung problem. Most of our health problems come from not digesting and cleaning out what we don't digest.

This slows down the flow that we should have in our body.

See my store for plant enzymes and friendly flora.

Yeast and fungal infection need enzymes and flora to kill them.

Consider Cie Aura holographic pain chips. They will help to get some flow back into the body.
Click on the pain button on my site. This will give you a look into helping you with the pain.

Get in touch through the contact me page if you have any other questions.

Best Regards

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