Shortness of brerath

by Gary
(Greeneville TN USA)

The Doctor told my mother she had fluid on the lungs, and she has shortness of air she had a CT scan, pet scan and it said that her lymph nodes were swollen. They are inflamed.

She can't get her breath. It's very hard to breath, or just to walk to the car and the Doctor said she does not have asthma.

They said they are not sure what is going on so we are asking what you all think thanks!

Hi Gary
Good to meet you. Remember I'm not a Doctor. A couple of things come to mind. Your Mom could have an infection from a bacteria, virus, fungi or parasite.

The build up of fluid is a inflammation response. It's trying to keep the infection under control, but at the same time causing the fluid build up which is now causing other problems.

So what to do. This is what I personally do. I've gone to the health food store and gotten fenugreek (it is a herb) this helps with the mucous and fluid. Then consider colloidal silver, which kills off bacteria, fungi, virus.

I had to take more that what was on the label for a few weeks. The colloidal silver I only went on for two to three weeks.

The other thing that I recommend is a very strong Friendly flora.

Why would I talk to you about flora?

Because the problems with our lungs can come from other parts of our body. The infection can come again if we don't take care of the root of the problem or cause.

I have a friend named Rita she was always on something from the Doctor for her kidneys and bladder infections, because they would come and go.

She asked me why.

I told her she was always being reinfected from her large and small intestines. So until she took the friendly flora, the problem would keep coming back. Until you get the bowels in good shape, your Mom may continue to have shortness of breath.
By the way Rita's infections have been gone for some time now.

If you want more info, go to my home page and sign up for my newsletter. My newsletters will teach you more than what I could say here.

Take care.

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Sep 02, 2011
the method of use of fenugreek herb
by: Anonymous

how to use the fenugreek herb?

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