My daughter has chest pain

by Sylvia
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Every now and then my 14yr old daughter experiences lower chest pain, which extends around to her back. It hurts her to breathe, and after xrays, heart monitors and blood tests, she has been told that she has inflammation around the lungs. They won't give her anything for it as they can't determine whether she has a viral or bacterial infection. So they tell her to take pain relief only and rest. She's a dancer, so she's not happy that she can't dance!

We believe it started about a month after she sprained her foot when she was running at school. It was badly bruised and she couldn't stand on it for a couple of days. Could it be?

Hi Sylvia I can see why you daughter is not happy. My hubby and I also love to dance.
You may be right about the injury, because things like that can trigger off an inflammation response, but it doesn't always get turned off.
If it is an bacterial or viral infection or you just want to stop the inflammation you should consider an anti-inflammatory.
Limu Plus is not only an anti-inflammatory but has herbs that will kill other bugs that can cause inflammation in the body.
Start there because if you don't do something in this stage the problem can get worse.
Her body just needs a little help to get over this. If you need anymore help use my contact me page to get in touch with me ok.
I'm here to help.
Please let me know how you make out and how she is doing. I would very much like to know how things work out for her.
Take Care

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