Extreme pain when I breath in.

by Saba Shay
(Woodland Hills Ca)

Before i went to sleep last night my back started hurting a little and i thought nothing of it.

When i woke up this morning it hurt breath, sneeze, yawn, or even move a certain way.
this has happened to me once before and all i could do was wait it out.
i am in severe pain.

It would be very appreciated if you could tell me what this could be, how to speed up the healing process and how to prevent this from happening again.

ps. I do smoke.

Hi Saba

It's good to meet you.

You smoke I see. Your lungs are more than likely coated with tar from smoking. Your lung are just crying out for air and can't get enough to heal and repair.

Your body is telling you with all the pain and inflammation your in, that you need to stop.

The other thing that will affect the chest is your spine, or back. If there is something wrong with your back, that can also give you pain the in the chest.

I know about this one because I have a problem in my back that can cause me from time to time to have pain.

The thing that I would do is start on a cleansing program for your body which can help you heal and repair your body.

Three things for cleaning is Herbal Cocktail, Enzymes, and Para cleanse. Go here to see these products.

You should also consider Liquid Oxygen

This will help you with your extreme pain when you breath in.

Remember to take care of your best Friend, You!


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