Inflammation of the Lung, Dry Cough

Hi, Ive been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis over 6 years ago. Ive been taking Salphasalazine till apprx 4 months ago and been prescribed Methotrexate since.

Last few weeks I've had like a dry cough feels deep down especially if I start talking but nothing comes up, quite weird.
The guy I go to for massage reckons its coming from pinched nerves caused by possible twisting of my spine, faulty posture, possible causing a rib to go out of alignment from the ribcage which can affect the impulses going from the brain to a certain gland(he couldn't remember the name), which sits a few inches below the armpit at the top of the ribcage.

Do you know what this gland would be and what its function is?

Anyway he seems to think that this is what could be causing my symptoms. Because the impulses apparently are being affected passing through this gland, it can cause loss of secretions around the lungs which could be causing my unusual dry cough and actually could eventually lead to pleurisy or pneumonia. Just wondered if you have heard of this.

I do know that RA can affect other organs and cause all sorts of nasty things but don't want to go there.

When I was started on Methotrexate they said that one of the side effects can be shortness of breath and they did breathing tests on me for a baseline. However, I haven't really had shortness of breath esp on exertion as such, more just this strange dry cough which comes up anytime, especially in the evenings or when I'm trying to have a conversation with someone.

Anyway, any information that anyone can come up with or share would be just great.
Thanks, Cheers,

Hi Kathy
Good to hear from you.
You are right about this cough could cause inflammation in the lungs and other problems as time goes on.

The gland that you are talking about is the Thymus. It has two lobes to it and is under the breast bone in the chest. This gland is responsible for making T-cells. When they leave the thymus they seed the lymph nodes and the spleen.

The Thymus gland is very important to our health. The drug that you are on is causing the dry cough. This will have an effect on the immune system, some of this system is found in the lymph in the lungs also.

Drugs are suppressants. The thymus wants to do it's job but can't, so the dry cough is the result. I don't think that your symptoms are coming from a pinched nerve.

As for your Rheumatoid Arthritis you should give some thought to getting your pH level balanced. Getting more oxygen carrying blood flowing not just in the blood but into the tissue of the body. By using Vita enhanced water which is an alklizing biodelivery system that help balance the pH level of the body.

Also you need help to get the circulatory syetem working better by using VitaChe from VitaMark You first have to have an enzyme deficiency which leads to the liver having problems which imbalances the pH level of the body, and then you will start to see symptoms of different diseases.

In you, it showed up as Rheumatoid Arthritis. In others it will be other types of diseases.

I know this will help you Kathy.

Best Regards

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