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For 3 wks have been waken wee hours of morning. With sever pain in the right side of chest in the mid torso radiating to back.

Only cure is to sit up. Take muscle ralaxer, and pain pills. Then wait for pain to go away.
Then go back to bed.

Recent diagnosed with tb infection.
Have not started meds yet. Could diagnosis be wrong actually be tb diease ct scan was 3 months old.

Hi to You.

I'm not a doctor so can't say. I do know that if you have an infection or TB then your lungs have inflammation going on in them.

Along with inflammation comes pain. You need something that will help get rid of the infection and inflammation. Only then will the pain go away.
If I were you I would consider using something that will take care of that for you.
I use ProArgi-9 this will help clear away that inflammation and pain.

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You take Care
Your Coach

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