Asthma lung inflammation

by Anna
(Greensboro, NC, United States)

Hi i was recently diagnosed with asthma. All was going good till a few days ago. I have been experiencing pain in my upper chest when i breathe in.

It almost feels like i'm breathing in extremely cold air and a sharp pain follows it. I have been thinking it is probably just inflammation in my lungs due to my allergies. I'm allergic to grass and due to nice weather where i live everyone has been mowing and its all in the air.

So is it most likely inflammation or something different?

It's also making me cough when it gets really bad.

Hi Anna Asthma is an inflammatory condition. the more inflammation you have there the more pain you will feel. There is no easy solution. One is to get rid of some of the mucous build up in the lungs. Herbs like fenugreek and thyme.

The other thing is your pH is off. So go to the health food store and get urine pH strips. The blood ph should be between 6.5 and 7.0. You get inflammatory conditions because the pH is off.

You have allergies because your body is very low in enzymes. Allergies cause an inflammatory response to happen like what you are feeling. It also means that your liver needs some help.

Here is VitaMurin that Roger and I take for the liver.

Hope this helps.
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