Inflamation in the lungs

Two years ago, I had a carsanoid tumor along with some lymph nods removed from my right lung. The carsanoid was at it's infant stage the size of pin head. Follow up CT PET Scans show inflammation in my lungs for the past year and a half progressively increasing in size. I have no symptoms of any pleurisy (shortness of breath, coughing, pain in the chest etc.) have not even had a simple head cold for 6 1/2 years. I'm puzzled as to what it could be. My doctor wants to put me on antibiotics even though I have no sign of an infection.

Please help.

Hi, I don't know your name but here is what I can tell you. You say you have or had a tumor.

When your body notices that there is something that should not be in the body like that tumor it will trigger off an infammation response which tells the immune system to make more immune cells to fight off the invader--- the tumor, or anything it knows should not be there.

You my feel you have no infecton but it could be anything that your body knows should not be there even if it does not show up in their tests.

The drugs are just a way to cover all the bases for your doctor.

Your body would turn off the inflammation only if there is nothing there. It still is fighting something.

If you buy my book the 2 deadly lies an the 7 faces of disease. It will explain more of the different stages the body goes throught to reach the stage you are in.

Constant inflammation.

In order to help your body with what is going on you need to use a couple of products to help with the inflammation.

Check out these ok. Limu Plus will help the whole body and also VitaMurin which works on the liver and in turn will help with what is going on with the inflammation in the lungs.

You also should get on going coaching from me but my book is the best coaching session on the net.

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I know this will help.
Take Care.

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