Lung Pain and Inflammation

I've been experiencing similar pains as described above.
I have been to a&e and the doctor gave me a strong pain relief and antibiotic it's been 5 days now and even thou I'm taking medication I'm still In alot of pain do you have and suggestions

Hi Tracy
When you have lung pain there is also inflammation there.

What can happen to our lungs over time or with infection of some kind is the mucous in the lungs will get thick.

The reason for that is our body is trying to protect you from further harm.

You need to get on alot of emzymes to gobble up the infection and then this will lower your pain naturally.
Give your body time to heal. VitaMark has natural enzymes called Vi-Gest
You will need to take these between your meals and before going to bed. So they are not working on digesting food but going to were you have inflammation.

This may sound strange but when our Body pH goes off then enzymes are not made so we get sick.
Try this for the next 2 or 3 months.

You could also go and get some fungreek herb form the health food store, and use it for a month.
Take Care

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