Lung Inflammation and pain

by Matthew

Dying for help!
I am a 35 year old male suffering from a severe condition that nobody seems to be able to identify.

Seven years ago i was running and collapsed, blacking out and suffering from severe chest pain associated with palpitations and numbness in my left side only.

After that event i am unable to take deep breaths and suffer from chronic chest pain on my left side only with occasional center chest pain with numbness on my left side only, with burning in my back.

I have these spells while at rest everyday now accompanied by high blood pressure and rapid heart beat usually resulting in hospitalization only to have no answer to what is wrong with me!

All the doctors say is i have inflammation around my left lung only to be released to go back home and suffer more spells! I need help!

I'm going to die if someone cant help me... I'm scared to wake up everyday not knowing whats going to happen. Is their anyone who has any ideas for me that i might be able to relate?

Hi Matthew

If I were you I would start with a couple of things. Because I don't know what your diet is like I would go on more raw green foods, and green drinks. They help to bring down inflammation in the body no matter where that is.
Give it some time to work though.

The next thing is you may have a bacterial or a fungal infection which is now causing these things to happen to you.

One of the best things for that is to do a parasite cleanse.

Also you can find friendly flora, enzymes and par cleanse here.

These products will gobble up what is bad in the body and help the body to heal and repair.

Hope this helps you.


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