Patient with lungs problems and Inflammation

by Samia
(lahore, Pakistan)

26 years old patient, I have cough problem, expectorated sputum, body temp 37.5 chest pain in right lung, breathing problem, weakness, sweating, so the cough has increased, dyspnoea has occurred during exercise, (shortness of breath). Now what will doctor diagnose?.

Hi Samia
I don't know what a Doctor will say.
It looks like you have inflammation in the lung.
I will tell you that what is happening to you may be very uncomfortable but the body will instinctively try to get rid of something that does not belong there. So if you have an infection, bacteria, or virus problem the body will trigger off the immune system to create more immune cells.
Along with this a fever comes, then you cough up mucous.
This is a good thing because you get rid of what is there in the lungs, that is making you sick.

What can you do to help your body to get over this?

Our immune system needs plant enzymes called Super ViGest to be able to produce more T-cells. If you have a bacterial, yeast, fungal, or virus infection I always take VitaMarks good flora. This helps kill bad bacteria and helps built up the immune system in the body.

Hope this helps you.
Best Regards

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