Inflammation of the Lung, Dry Cough,

by Mr Robert Martin
(Cambridge. Uk)

I have had 2 courses of antibiotics to rid inflammation from the bottom of my left lung.

Alas it is still there. I presented with a dry non productive cough, continual runny nose and wheezing.

I understand now my medication might cause the cough (lisinopril ), also I have to add that I worked as a lifeguard some time ago, working with chlorine.

Any ideas of what might be the cause of my problem?

Hi Robert

There is more than likely a couple of things going on with you. You may have picked up a parasite, fungal, or a bacterial infection.

You say you have a runny nose. This is the way the body goes about getting rid of any infection that is present, so that's a good thing. You now need help to get rid of the mucous and inflammation in your lung and surrounding tissue.

Your body has an overload of chlorine in it and therefore now has a hard time dealing with any infection and inflammation. The liver has a great deal to do with getting the chlorine out of the system, therefore it needs help.

Along with taking something for the lungs you should consider a liver and bowel cleanse.

Here is what my clients have done for the same type of problems.

For the lungs......Comfrey root, Fenugreek, and Eucalyptus oil. You can get these things at the health food store. The eucalyptus oil can be used in a humidifier at night. Comfrey and fenugreek you can get in capsules.

The other thing I use is enzyme therapy. I take a great deal of plant enzymes (see my store), because they help to break up and gobble things like infection and inflammation.

Enzymes also help our immune system make more healthy immune cells that our body should have to fight infection. Drugs can kill off our immune cells, that we so very much need. If you would like more info on this just use the contact form to get in touch.

For a parasite cleanse I take garlic, cloves, and wormwood. Just follow directions on the bottle.

For the liver use things like TOCO from Avena Originals. Herb Cocktail, helps to clean out the bowels.

You need to get the flow back in your system. It sounds like your body has become more and more toxic over time.

Start now on these things and you will cough up some of that infection in your lungs.

Take Care

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Jun 16, 2011
dry cough and stuffy dry sinuses
by: Anonymous

Hi I have been in and out of the hospital for 6 months they told me that I have bronchitis and phenomena. They gave me antibiotics twice for it but I'm still feel heavy and tiered especially around my chest. I still have a dry cough at night and my sinuses are dry and stuffy I put my head over my slow cooker with water and Vicks in it and it did help my sinuses for a few days but it did nothing to relieve my lung, and my sinuses fill dry and stuffy again. I was in the middle east. I wonder if I might have caught something over there? Please email me yor thoughts on this subject Thank you

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