chest pain

by Jordyn
(Houston, TX, USA)

Hi I'm Jordyn and I am 15 and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have been having chest plain and it is getting hard to breath. I just got over a cold and my neck and head is aching. I dont know what the matter is and I am weak and wasn't able to do much today.

Hi Jordyn
It will take some time to get over having your cold. Get your rest. Our body is a wonderful thing when we give it what it needs to heal and repair. The one thing that I do when I have problems with my lungs is I take the herb called fengreek. Helps to break up the mucous in the lungs. Never, Never take herbs and vit, and merials together with drugs. Always take them at different times.

But mostly you just need to eat foods that are raw to get the goodness of the vitamins and minerals that give you a strong immune system.

When a person eats alot of cooked food that can slow done digestion and slow down the function of the immune system. Undigested cooked food gives off food toxins which can also cause your other health problems that you have.

Cooked food over 120 degress destroys the enzymes in food. No enzymes and the body uses up its on stored enzymes which can wear our immune system down.

Jordyn if you can get to a health food store and buy yourselve some urine pH strips and test your urine with those strips at least every week to see if your urine is on the acid side of the pH scale.

This is important to know because the more acid your body is the worse your Arthritis will become.

Your urine pH should be between 6.0 and 6.5. If it is lower that make sure to eat as much raw food as you can. Just put your urine in a paper cup and then dip the pH strip in and take it out and after about 30 seconds look at what color the strips turns out to be.

If you need more of my help please use my contact me form on my website to get in touch with me ok.

My book will also answer more questions for you. It is called the 2 deadly lies and the 7 faces or stages of disease.
Hope all this helps you with your chest pain and other health problems.

You take care

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