Inflammation of the lung

I was attacked by a bird, unconscious, infection got into my lung, caused pneumonia, ended up with staph infection or granule disease. Now I have nodules in my neck, since May of this year, Doctors are not giving me anything to get rid of it. It hurts very bad. Been in pain since Jan of 2009.

Hi Anonymous:

It sure sounds like you need help. You have a variety of problems all coming from the same source. This is also causing inflammation of the lung.
My friend has had the same problem.

He went on a good Probiotic to stop the staph infection. He needed to get more healthy bacteria into him than all the bad that was taking control of his body. Which will cause aches, pain and inflammation. He also toke VitaChe to help the circulation.

Much of our immune system is in the liver so it is imperative to help the liver. The lymph nodes in your neck and lungs are just so over worked and need help to move out that infection.
Limu Plus also helps to build up your immune system, so it can battle the infection that is raging in your body.

If you have any more questions please feel free to get in touch.

Best Regards:


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