Lungs have inflammation

by Abraham
(Elgin il USA)

My dad just had open heart surgery and now has lung inflammation and the Doctors said there's noting that they can do?

Hi Abraham

It's good to meet you. Glad to see your Dad is on the mend. I take it that he just had his surgery?

Here's the thing (the Doctors) can't do anything about what is going on because they just don't have what your Dad's body needs to get the job done.

What has happened is the bacteria that may have already been there in the lungs and that the immune system was keeping under control is now growing and causing inflammation.


Just the fact of being cut like that can cause this to happen, in and around the area that has be cut. Our bodies heal and repair by triggering of inflammation to help us cope with what is going on inside of us, but that should turn off after we heal.

Either way your father needs to get on enzymes and flora.

This is the reason why: Enzymes help to gobble up anything that does not belong in the area of the lungs as well as in other parts of the body.

Friendly flora from Avena helps to bring back the natural flora that now is missing from the lungs and the surrounding tissue. Without this his defenses are now down and need to be build up again.

The more he takes the better he will start to feel.

When my Hubby was very sick he took 100 caps of enzymes a day and 10 flora in the morning and 10 flora just before going to bed on a empty stomach. I know that sounds like alot but his liver greatly improved because he took these plant enzymes and flora. If your Dad can take these even for just a month that would be good.

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Take Care

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