Sudden shortness of Breath and Coughing

by Dennis
(Midland, MI.)

Sometimes i have random nights were something causes me to have coughing fits along with a hard time breathing. I will have to get up because i feel like i will stop breathing if i don't.

Smoke seems to irritate me and dust i do have allergies but have never been to a allergist, and don't have a allergy medicine that seems to prevent it.

I am currently having one of these episodes right now chest feels heavy and feels like fluid or phlegm in my lungs its hard to breath and can't lay down it makes it much worse feeling anxiety and frightened.

Hi Dennis:

It sound to me like you need some help. There is one big thing that comes to mind.

You may have phlegm and need to break it up. You can use a product like ProArgi-9 because it helps the lungs heart, immune and circulatory system
My friend has lungs problems and she said the best she ever feels is when she uses the ProArgi-9.

I personally like to use a product that helps to solve more than one problem.
Why spend money on many different products to solve one problem, when this product will help solve many of our health problems.
Our body can get into a crisis so it needs help to get out of it.

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Dennis I know this will help you. If you want to get in touch with me, use my contact form and I will send you my personal email so we can talk some more.

Take Care
Best Regards

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Oct 18, 2010
Night time lung prblems
by: Kay

I have had asthma and recently my children were diagnosed. They were hard to diagnose because problems were at night even taking them to ER, symptoms were diminishing rapidly when in fresh air. That's what it sounds like your going through. Anti-inflammatory foods help greatly. If not try singular(asthma and some allergy preventative). Also Allegra or Zyrtec, only the last is over the counter. Good luck with foods, to work you must take out ALL. Even one evening of homemade chili with pariks and all the peppers will screw me up.

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