Inflammation in Chest and lungs

by Margo Thomas

I have been diagnosed with pleursy and the first time was in 2007. Since then it has come back and has been bilateral and have had antibiotics, steroid injections, weight loss, dizziness weakness trouble breathing.

I recently had it from 12/26 through April 2010, applied heat, and the usual treatment. It went away and has come back. Now I had an expert doing special tests, waiting for results.

Does the fact that I had many cases of bronchitis and a kidney disease which makes me vulnerable to any virus mean something??? HELP also had fever, cough and little energy. I own a nebulizer and have to use it several times.

Hi M. Thomas

You keep having this problem because the body can not clean, heal and repair itself. You are vulnerable to getting everything because your immune system has triggered off your lung and chest inflammation.

The fever is a protection for you because that is the way our body fights disease.

This cycle of disease will continue to get worse until you give your body what it needs to stop the cycle it is in.

You should consider a building program and then a cleaning program for your body.

Consider Enzymes and Flora which feeds and cleans our body of what should not be there.

Consider also herbal Cocktail which help to move the bowels to get some that that flow back into the body, which you need.

You need to talk to the people at Avena about how much of enzymes to take or get in touch with me through my contact form.

If you start with these 3 things you will start to feel better, just because you will get rid of some of the junk that is causing the inflammation to happen to you.

Start there and then get back to me.

Take Care of your Best Friend, You!


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