Lung Inflammation, Asthma

by Miss Marrero Elizabeth
(Miami, Florida)

I went to see an orthopedic surgeon that I was referred to for my lower back pain and he tells me that the pain I feel on one of my ribs on the back right side is pleurisy because I do have asthma.

I have been feeling this for about half a year now. What type of test should be done to see if this is the case?

Hi Elizabeth

I'm no expert on what test you should have to see if you have pleurisy.

You say you have asthma. When a person has asthma or pleurisy there is always inflammation in the chest. Usually one will often lead to the other.

The way I have helped my lungs to stay inflammation free is by taking enzymes and flora.

Why these two things?

If we don't have enough of these two things then bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites, take hold in our body, including the chest and lungs.

Then inflammation becomes a normal thing that happens, that our body will over time find harder and harder to get rid of.

Go here to check out the best Enzymes and Flora I personally have ever seen and use.

I know if you do just these two things you will start to feel better.

I always say give your body what it needs to heal and repair and it will take care of you.

Take Care of your Best Friend, You!


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