Insulin Resistance.

Insulin resistance like leptin resistance is a contributing factor in weight gain.

What is it?

Insulin is a hormone that plays a large part in how glucose is regulated in our body.

What happens when we eat food?

Food especially pasta, sweets, bread, gets broken down into something our body can use to feed us like glucose (a type of sugar). Glucose is our primary source of energy.

If we eat to much refined sugar products our cells start to become insensitive to our own insulin.

When insulin can't do its job what happens next?

We start to gain weight. Our body creates inflammation because we gain weight and this leads to leptin resistance which in turn becomes a vicious cycle. We continue to gain more and more weight.

What are some of the symptoms of this type of resistance?

# 1-excess weight around the waistline. 40 inches for men 35 inches for us women.

# 2-low levels of the good cholesterol.

# 3-high blood pressure.

# 4-high levels of triglycerides in our system.

# 5-high glucose levels.

Any or all of these are symptoms. They are signs that our body is trying to tell us something is just not quite right in the inner world of our body. If we have these symptoms it's speaking volumes.

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