Bladder Inflammation

Bladder inflammation is a very painful experience that many individuals have suffered from in their lives.

There are many different reasons why one may develop this condition, which is also referred to as “Cystitis”.

Here, you will learn a number of important facts that are related to the condition of Cystitis. The intent of this article is to educate, and equip you with the essential knowledge you need to better understand bladder inflammation, and all of the circumstances surrounding this condition.

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One of the most common culprits is a buildup of bacterium that results from an infection that develops in the urinary tract.

This tract starts at the bladder and is the canal that urine travels in so that it may be eliminated from the body.

One of the reasons for this build up of bacterium is where our bladder is located. Like the prostate gland the bladder is very close to the rectum.

What does that have to do with anything?

Everything when it come to how the bacteria gets to be in our bladder. If we do not get enough water and fiber in our diet our colon becomes very underactive and toxic. When that happens then harmful bacteria from the rectum can make there way to the bladder. It's very important to take VitaMarks probiotic friendly flora. When the bowel becomes overloaded with bad bacteria this will allow bacteria into the blood stream which will infect the kidneys and the bladder. When this continues an inflammation response will take place and stay on as long as the bacteria is present.

What are the Symptoms Associated with Inflammation of the Bladder?

A number of symptoms are associated with inflammation of the bladder. The most common symptom is that of pain. This pain can develop in many different forms; however, the most common forms are that of extreme pressure and also a sensation of burning and irritation.

It is not uncommon for one who suffers from this form of inflammation to feel a constant urge or sensation that they need to urinate. When visiting the restroom, the individual may or may not be able to relieve themselves.

Traces of blood lingering in the urine after it has been eliminated from the body may be experienced. Furthermore, once the urine is eliminated from the body many will experience a type of uncomfortable cramping.

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Who Is At Risk for Bladder Inflammation?

Anyone can suffer from the effects of Cystitis, however, there are many who are more prone to this condition than others. Despite popular belief that women are more susceptible to complications of the urinary tract and bladder, it is men who are actually more prone to this type of medical condition.

Those that experience problems with their immunity (lymphatic system) and are susceptible to various types of infections may suffer more than the average person.

For example, auto-immune diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis patients may find that they experience inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract frequently.

Children also stand a risk of developing this condition. This is especially true of children who are developing bathroom hygiene habits, are prone to infections, and suffer from immune disorders.

What Should One Do To Overcome This Condition?

People who are informed that they suffer from inflammation in the bladder are often directed to avoid certain items that may act as an irritant to the condition.

These items may include various types of soaps that contain high levels of perfume, and even feminine cleansing products.

In addition to these approaches, sufferers are often encouraged to increase their fluid intake of clear liquids on a daily basis to help flush out the bladder and the urinary tract.


Bladder inflammation can be a very challenging and uncomfortable condition to endure. With whole anti inflammatory foods like cranberries, greens and fresh fruit like grapefruit will help you overcome bladder inflammation.