Bowel Inflammation, Apple cider vinegar anal wash

by Gina
(Honolulu, Hi)

Hello.. here is my story... last thursday when i went to the bathroom i had a liitle red blood on tissue. It hurt while having the bowel movement. Figured it was anal fissure.

Well my mind started racing with crazy thoughts afterward and friend stated to do a apple cidear wash via anal. Not thinking clearly I didnt ask if I am suppose to mix it with anything, so got about 1/2 oz. And flushed it up the anal rectum area.
As you can imagine it stung, ached, so went to bathroom immed. To eliminate from body. Afterward found out should of mixed with water. That was bad for doing it without asking more queations.

Anyway I freaked out with what I did, I started taking 25mg souluble fiber, 15 billion probiotics, aloe vera 2oz, hot green tea and honey, magnessium 325mg, 3000mg vitamin c, along with lemon water and honey.

Not realizing first few days I was taking alot of laxative form products to compensate what just did with the vinegar. I was feeling anal discomfort, then few days later cramping on sides and lower back area.
I was still able to have bowel movement just wasnt has productive.

Weaned off the products and did 15 billion probiotics, 5 mg solouble fiber and vitamin supplement. Cramping turned to a ache on right side with lower back ache. Anal doesn't feel as bad, but not 100% yet.

A week has gone by just yesterday and i had a 90% regular bowel movement. My thing is I am still freaking out about the whole thing. Past 2 days I drink lots of water and soft foods.
Should I be concerned still? I feel it getting better.

I am just lost and need suggestions for the good of my colon. Thanks so much. Btw i am 38 and healthy, my diet is good, not great. Mainly bc i love sweets.

Hi Gina, You are doing good things for the bowels when you take good bacteria, or probiotics.

Stay on the probiotics because they gobble up undigested proteins and bad bacteria. Which cause the bowel to become toxic. When good bacteria is low in the bowels all kind of problems begin to happen.

Also when you have problems in the lower bowel or the rectum and have dry or hard waste matter you have a liver that needs some help. Our bowels need fiber as you know, but in order for the bowels to work well they also need bile from the liver and gallbladder. Bile is slippery and helps to break down fat and move our bowels.

The product that I use to help the liver is called Vitamarin from VitaMark This also will keep the toxins from binding to the liver, so both the liver and bowels will work better.
You must remember that it takes time to get sick and time to heal so give yourself time to heal.

If you would like to get in touch with me just use my contact form on my site.

Take Care.

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