What are the Causes of  inflammation?

The Causes of inflammation are varied. There are a number of things that can cause the natural response of inflammation in the body.

They are injury, viral, fungal, and bacterial infections.

These are the things that I put under the heading of life happens. I still use caution, and common sense. If I do catch something I'm glad the inflammation response kicks in and fights the bad guys off, and when my flu or cold is over this natural inflammation response stops.

I then asked a very important question:

Are there things that I personally did on an ongoing basis that contributed to the inflammation response being triggered?

Well to be honest the answer is Yes. One of the biggest things for me is my weight. I didn't know that some of the foods I ate on a regular basis was causing my body to product inflammation.

So what am I trying to tell you here. Become aware of the different causes of inflammation. Being aware of these things can help you know what is happening to your body, and why.

Everything on the list are inflammation triggers.

These triggers can and do lead us down the path of poor health and premature aging.

Below is a list of the causes of inflammation I researched and wanted you to know about.

Food allergies.

Our diet


Environmental poisons. Toxic air, toxic water, heavy metals, lead, mercury and others, also food chemicals. Of these there are many.

Some prescription or pharmacological drugs.

Mold. Household and food molds.

Low-grade and long term fungal, viral, bacterial infections, anywhere in the body.

Long term stress.


As you can see there are many things that cause the immune system to trigger off the inflammation response.

Do you have more than one of these triggers?

You may then have inflammation which many Doctors and research scientists are telling us is the underlying cause of many of our modern day diseases.

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