Colon Inflammation

by Ms. Valerie Smith
(South Africa)

I have suffered with my colon since my early twenties - to the point where I have been hospitalized for what they thought was appendics when it fact was an inflamed colon.

I go for periods of time with no problems then it will flare up, sometimes with the onset of diarrhea followed by a gnawing ache down my right side.

When it is really bad the doctor prescribes antibiotics and I take an anti spasmodic.

However it takes quite a while to clear up. I have recently started taking probiotics to see whether that will help.

I also suffer with rheumatoid arthritis, which affects various parts of my body and seems to move around, one minute it might be my hands, next feet, next neck etc.

My question is does, anyone know if this could also affect my colon as it is an inflammatory disease?
I take an immune suppressant to stem the inflammation!

Hi Valerie

The fact you have arthritis tells me that you have bad digestion. It started many years ago and because of that, inflammation set in.
Now you are having symptoms of inflammation in the colon.

That is good you are on probiotics because they put a stop to the fermenting that is going on in the bowel. Which makes colon inflammation.

You should consider Avena's enzymes and their probiotics because I know they get down into the gut and are not destroyed by the enzymes that are made in the stomach.

If they don't get down into the gut you are wasting your money and they won't be effective. That is good you are doing something to help your body out.

Your may also want to get onto a parasite cleanse because sometimes arthritis is caused by parasites in the joints. Avena also has a good cleanse.

If you have any more question please get in touch.


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