Diana needs some answers!

Bowel Inflammation

by Diana

I'm Diana and im a 15 year old girl. I have had mucus come down with my stools since i was a little baby. Sometimes it was excessive but sometimes there wasnt that much present.

I have had 3 colonoscopies done and one endoscopy done throughout my life and the doctors found inflammations here and there in my colon. They also said i wouldnt grow that much in height, however; they were wrong and now i am on the average scale of height compared to my classmates and im taller than my mom!

Well to get to the point, my parents were always paranoid and scared for me and they just wanted to make sure that i wasnt at risk with any diseases, especially Chrons disease. So they took me to Mayo clinic and i met the best doctors and they said that i had mild Chrons disease but they cant really tell.

The thing is, i have no diarrea whatsoever and that is the biggest symptom of chrons disease, i have no abdominal pain nor any headaches and i have a very healthy stool. But i STILL have some mucus associated with my stools.

My mom suspects its from milk which can cause mucus and i sort of agree but i also think the anal fissures that i also have might cause the mucus too because that is also common in causing mucus. But maybe you guys are correct about the dehydration because i always want water, all the time. But i guess im just used to it dehydration like what you said and that i dont notice it.

I keep praying that my inflammation stops and the mucus to go away and no more stress to come into my life. So im just asking you if you have any suggestions or any help. Ive already seen TOO many doctors and have done too many procedures and the doctors have never came to a precise conclusion so PLEASE help me!

Hi Diana My name is Jolaine. It is good to see you want to take control of what is happening to your body. Get some answers.
All of those test that you have had are all test to see if your digestive system is doing to the digestive organs. To see if you have any bowel inflammation.

Inflammation is a symptom that something is going on with digestion and the immune system. Over 60% of the immune system is in the small and large bowels.

The first thing I want you to do go to the health food store and buy some urine pH strips. That is what they are called. Dip a strip in some urine and then get back to me about what the number is. Do this in the morning ok.

You need more help than what I could give you on this page. So here is my personal email, get in touch with me there. I will only leave this address up for today and then I will take it down. So here it is. rojodelaney@gmail.com

There is not enough room on this page to be able to tell you all you need to know. That pH number will tell me what is going on in your bowels, liver and digestive system. I have a pretty good idea but still would like to know that number.

I will tell you about the mucous. It is made by the body to protect you from the damage that can happen when there is way too much acid going into the bowels. Which can cause all kinds of bowels diseases.

When the mucous lining of the bowel wares away then the acid will eat away at the muscles of the bowels. So we have to control the 2 different acids of the body. The acid/alkaline of the body and the digestive acids of the body.

Get me that pH number ok. That is very important because I can't go any further without it. It would be like driving blind.

Hope all of this gives you more answers than what you have gotten so far in your life. Show this to your mom. Taking you to get all those tests done, shows me that she wants the answers too.

Remember to take care of your best friend, YOU!


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