Food and drinks for Inflammation of the Colon

by Sofie
(Montreal, Canada)

Five months ago, I started to have problems with my ears
(outer ear infection, middle ear fluid, some unexplained pain in the inner ear area). I was prescribed a couple of different medications, including antibiotics, over a period of two months.
My stool started to change gradually from well formed, regular, right textured, into stringy and loose pellets.
Then I started to suffer from nausea, stomach and abdominal pains. Finally, I was diagnosed with gastritis and colon inflammation. None of the doctors I met offered any help with diet to follow. I was only prescribed some medication; no doctor seemed to care
about any side effects aggravating my other health problems.
Two months later, I still have problems feeding myself properly. I am constantly hungry but have no appetite because many foods seem to cause pain, nausea, etc. I have lost around 20% of my body weight (I have always been slim). My stools are very loose and every couple of days close to diarrhea.
What should I eat? I have found a lot of contradictory information on the net.
Low fiber diet?
What vegetables are considered as low fiber veggies? Carrots, patatoes, squash, corn?
How about low fiber fresh fruit?
Can I drink fruit juices?
Is rice drink or soya drink good for me?
Are foods high in (natural) suger bad?
How about milk products?
Cooked oats?
(I am a vegetarian so I don't even ask about meat).
I find it difficult to get enough calories from the food that I am eating these days (banana, white bread, white rice, some veggies, cooked peaches, eggs, some cheese, ...).
Any advice?
Hi Sofie Your digestive system is getting worse and worse that is why your are having your symptoms. You need to get on digestive enzymes and a good liver builder called VitaMurin Your pH level has been altered. Unless you get that under control you will continue to have problems.
Get more green things into you but make sure to always take digestive enzymes with everything you eat. Green foods help to make good flora which will help your immune system to improve.
If you want more help get in touch with me through my contact form.
Take Care

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