What are the foods that cause inflammation?

Eating more of the foods that cause inflammation, than the foods that relieve inflammation will overload you immune system which will trigger off an inflammation response. This in turn will cause symptoms of chronic health problems to appear.

As you can see below that cooking our food over 112 to 120 degrees (some experts say 112 and others 120) will destroy the enzymes in food making them more inflammatory in nature.

Since my training in Bio-Terrain auditing I make sure to have foods that are alkalizing and anti-inflammatory. Make sure that you are digesting what you eat. If not even organic, anti-inflammatory and alkalizing food over a period of time will cause inflammation.

Before I go on to tell you about the foods that cause inflammation there is one other important piece of information we should all know.

Not only is what we eat important, but the way we prepare our foods can also bring about an inflammatory response.

Eating browned foods (fried, barbeque, microwaved, high temperature cooking) may cause a wide range of health concerns.

Like what you may ask!

Nerve damage, Heart attacks, Kidney problems, and Strokes just to name a few.

Browning our food is one of the factors that contribute to a inflammatory condition.

How does browning and high temperature cooking do this?

Scientists have known for some time that cooking in this way produces AGE's (advanced glycation end) products.

These advanced glycation end products can cause damage to our tissue.

Browning our food helps the protein and sugar come together to form these damaging AGE's.

These proteins and sugars can end up in the blood and cause it to become sticky and gummy. This interrupts the flow of our blood.

Cooking with water or steaming our food prevents the sugar in the meat from forming, thus lowering the inflammation our body has to deal with.

When roasting, lower the temperature a few degrees. Cook your meat for a longer period of time. Use a braising tool, cover the roast with the juices several times.

Simmer chicken in a sauce. I personally put olive oil in my pan and a little water an cover. Then I add my other ingredients.

What are the foods that cause inflammation?

The list can be very long. Therefore I will not go through every product out there.

This is the research I've done and the results.

The foods that cause inflammation are organ meats, egg yolks (Unbroken egg yolks are fine. When the yolks are broken when you scramble them the cholesterol in the yolks are then oxidized. The yolks then produce toxic cholesterol by-products. It is important to keep the yolks in tact. So poach or hard boil them).

Some dairy. There are some dairy products have fillers in them to make them thick. I like natural, so I make my own, that way I know what's in it.

SIDE NOTE: Eating Natural yogurt and Kefir is a great way of getting good bacteria into your bowels. Yogurt and kefir should be made with unpasteurized milk. This will help with the digestion of food and also help our immune system to function better.

Sixty percent of our immune system is in our bowels. If our bowels get sick we will get sick in many different ways. That is why it is important to keep our bowels in working order. The appendix is the gland that helps to regulates bacteria in our bowels so the good bacteria out weights the bad.

Now back to why egg yolks, meat and some dairy are inflammatory.

This is because of the arachidonic acid they contain. Arachidonic acid is a fatty acid that is essential to our life, but we do not need large amounts of it. In large amounts it is very bad for our health.

Foods That Cause Inflammation!

Then there are foods like hot dogs and smoked sausage products that contain chemicals like nitrites.

Then there is our favorite----processed foods. They are made to make our life easier, and shorten our time in the kitchen, but we end up sick over time. These food cause inflammation because there is so much saturated fats, sugar and chemicals in them. Not to mention the way they are cooked.

The really big ones are foods with trans fats or partially hydrogenated oil in them. These altered oils are deadly. These oils are changed so that the foods that they are put in have a longer shelf life. It also makes the use of these oils last longer when deep frying. Therefore cutting the cost. It ends up costing us big time. It can cost us our health.

The other foods that cause inflammation are soda pop and sugar. These foods can make our blood sugar go up and can cause our immune system to malfunction.

The list of foods that cause inflammation can be very large indeed.

The list again is:

Organ meats, hydrogenated oil, anything with hydrogenated oil in it. Fried foods, like french fries, hot dogs and fast foods.

You may ask, where do I start on the road to an inflammation free life?

I started by buying foods that are as close to the natural state as you can get. Eating whole foods. I read labels, if I don't know what something means I find out. I also put that product back on the shelf. I keep the foods that we eat simple and fresh. That is what makes them taste great.

The List of foods that cause inflammation may be long, but as you take more and more of these foods out of your diet, and replace them with whole healthy foods, your health will become better as each day goes by.

Remember make "whole foods your pharmacy to good health".

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