Four classic symptoms of inflammation.

What are the four classic symptoms of inflammation?

Well at first you may not experience any signs or symptoms. As time goes by though these may appear.

Symptoms to look for:

# 1- Heat- Like getting a fever.

# 2- Pain- Aches in the muscles, joints etc.

# 3- Redness- As in infection, around cuts etc.

# 4- Swelling- Did you pull a muscle? Hurt yourself in some way? Then that part of the body will start to swell.

These symptoms of inflammation should happen to us. When we get the flu, a cold, or we injury our body in some way.

Side Note: These symptoms will also appear when we have health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis, alzheimers, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and a host of others. Only inflammation in these cases just does not shut itself off like it should, which can make these health concerns worse as time goes by.

This is a natural response to what is happening to us. This happens to us because our body wants to heal and repair anything that goes wrong in it's systems. Whether that is internally with our organs like our colon, heart, or brain.

Remember just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not happening to you.

Whether we can see these symptoms or not it is very important to know what is going on with our body.

When we know what is going on with our body then we have choices. With the right information in hand, than we can work with our body to maximize the bodies healing and repairing, which in turn helps our health.

Keep these symptoms of inflammation in mind when life happens to you. This will give you peace of mind that our body is doing what it is supposed to be doing.

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